Startup Services

We at Bizz Angel are committed to assisting you in realizing your aspirations. To help startups, promote Startup Business ideas and Business owners realize their company’s full potential, we provide a variety of incredible services. 


We Provide You with quality Services at Minimal Cost.

Our goal is to guarantee that every business owner in India has access to high-quality services at the lowest possible price. In an effort to achieve the same, we offer a comprehensive range of startup services. Details are provided below about that. 

Customized Pitch Decks

Stand out from the crowd with customized pitch decks designed by Venture Capital Analysts. 

Customized Business Plans & Feasibility Analysis.

Let our Experts Create a customized Business Plan & Feasibility Analysis report for you. 

Financial Projections & Compliance Management.

Our Experts can help you manage your compliance and project financial statements.

Get Free Checklist of the week.

To Know about the latest Business opportunities, Download our checklist of the week and discover endless possibilities.

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Customized Checklists
Feasibility Analysis Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

If You are still confused about where to start and want, Kindly go through the mentioned FAQ’s regarding our Startup Services. 

Can Bizz Angel help you with Startup India Registration and Business registration ?

Naturally, we can! At Bizz Angel, we employ professionals with years of experience in coordinating and managing compliances. You can get assistance from our Chartered accountants with managing each stage of registration and compliances.

How customized Business Plans/Checklists of Bizz Angel are going to help me ?

We intend to Provide as many free resources to business owners as Possible but there are certain things which are required to be customized according to individual needs and demands. Our Customized checklists help you create a detailed business plan according to your budget, your competition, your vision, your goals. All in all, we will be creating a customized checklist which will help you in every stage of your business and grow it exponentially.

Can Bizz Angel help me in Compliance Management?

Of course, We can! We want to provide quality business consultancy to each of our clients. We want new business owners to save as much as possible on every corner. Our Experts can guide you in a manner that you can manage your compliances on your own or for a minimal fee our experts can do it for you. 

We want you to save now, so that you can spend it later. 

What are Pitch Decks and why I need them ?

In the era of startups and funding Pitch decks are as essential as anything else in your business.  A Pitch deck is a detailed introduction of your business in a graphic form helping you put your vision across investors. Our team of experts have developed numerous Pitch decks for various startups all over India. 

What are some of the Businesses for ladies with low Investment ?

Don’t worry about Spending hours on finding your ideal business within your budget. Try our customized find your ideal business tool and find the perfect Business for you based on your preferences. 

Give Your Business the Path it needs.

Hire Our Experts for a Customized Business Plan and Checklist and get the following things customized for You.