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We at Bizz Angel believe in helping you make your dreams come true. Tools and checklists have been created by our team of experts with the help of A.I. to assist you in running a successful business.

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Our Grand Plan ? To be the Superhero Sidekick for businesses across India, making their Journey smooth as Butter.

Our Super-Smart Checklists bring artificial intelligence to the Party, guiding you through all the business essentials, from licenses required to start a business to revenue boosting strategies. With Bizz Angel in Your team, Success is just a click away.


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More than 87 % Of users enquired for our premium Services.


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96 % of our users reported that the checklists were of huge help.

How Bizz Angel can help you expand your Business.

Specially Designed checklists & Resouces

At Bizz Angel we have developed Detailed Checklists, covering every aspect of a business. These Checklists are developed by seasoned industry professionals with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Keeping in mind the artificial intelligence benefits and the Indian business environment in general. Download today to save countless hours of research and thousands of rupees in consultancy fees.

Various options of Technical Support

From Email support to video calls, We believe in being there for each and every one of our clients. We intend to provide our customers with the best customer support possible. 

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Best Feedback From Clients

Our Services have helped People from all over India and some of them were kind enough to share their words of appreciation with us.

I Downloaded their Checklist for my Bakery business. It was very helpful and helped to get things rolling in the beginning. As my revenue grew, I took on their premium services and I must say, It helped grow my revenue and clientele exponentially. I would highly Recommend Bizz Angel.

Tarun Prasad
Tarun Prasad

Client, Detailed Checklist

It was difficult for me to do the research to find a business most suitable for my needs. I came to find out their find your ideal business feature through a social media Post and I must it really helped me a lot to correctly recognize ideal businesses for me.

Shweta Sharma
Shweta Sharma

Client, Find Your Ideal Business

I took the Premium Checklist Service of Bizz Angel to establish my Foam house in Delhi. The feasibility analysis, competition analysis , Pareto Analysis report provided to me was spot on. It helped me substantially. Good to have someone who can provide such service to young businessmen like me.

Vedant Chaturvedi
Vedant Chaturvedi

Client, Detailed Checklist

For my startup I hired Bizz Angel to help me with my Pitch Deck, The Team is very courteous & Professional. They understood my business & Vision in detail and gave me a pitch deck that I can Proudly present in front of Investors. I will be going for the first round of funding & I am very confident because of the pitch deck.

Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain

Client, Startup Services

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At Bizz Angel, We Believe in turning your dreams into reality. Our Team of Experts along with quantum artificial intelligence has developed tools and checklists to help you succeed in Your Business


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