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Now that We Have helped you get a glimpse of the businesses which might be suitable for You. The Next step is to bring that Vision into Practice and start your Journey towards a successful future. 

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We at Bizz Angel believe in your dreams. Our Expert team can help you give the correct guidance required to start and flourish a business in india. To talk to our experts book a free consultation today.

How Can we Help ?

Starting a Business can be very difficult without the correct guidance. To Help entrepreneurs we have developed various resources and checklists. But, If you can't seem to locate your business in our Checklists. We can help you in the following ways. 


Feasibility Analysis


Competition analysis


Marketing strategies formulation


Financial projections


Customized pitch decks

How Can We Help ?

Customized Business Checklists

If you want a detailed layout of your business, including nearby competition analysis, Helping you finalize a location, guiding you through the setup process, feasibility analysis and much more then contact us for a customized Business checklist. 


Sometimes, We have a complete plan how we want to take things ahead but there is a slight doubt about the overall profitability of the venture. Worry Not, let our experts do a detailed feasibility analysis for you and give you a detailed report of the costs involved, the revenue models and what kind of profit margins you can expect. This can in turn help you take a clear decision and save you from going in the wrong direction. 

Competition Analysis

Is your competitor doing everything in the same manner but still able to outperform you in the business. There might be something that you are missing. Hire our experts to do a competition analysis for you and help you determine the factors which can set you apart from the rest of the competition. 

Marketing Strategies Formulation

It’s true when they say that marketing is more important then having a good business model these days. Without a proper marketing strategy, your business is bound to go down. Let our experts help you determine the perfect marketing strategy. In terms of spending, in terms of the perfect balance between social media and physical marketing and much more. 

Financial Projections

Do you want to Project your financials in front of investors but don’t know the right person to do so. Well, Worry no more. We have a team of trained financial analysts who can give you the most accurate projections possible. 

Customized Pitch Decks

There are multiple avenues available to create a pitch deck for your business, But there are very few avenues which can help you create a pitch deck based on the principles which have succeeded in front of venture capitalists in the past. Hire our experts to create the most up to date and amazing pitch deck possible. 

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At Bizz Angel, we put Our Clients at the center of everything we do. From building your online business with you to helping you generate recurring revenue we bring in real traffic to scale your business through innovation and tested business principles. 

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